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Product: Mobile App incl. Admin Panel Web App Industry: Home Care Team size: 10 Started: March 2023 Country: Germany

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sanu is our flagship in-house product. It is an investor-backed, B2B2C SaaS solution that brings language tech into caregiving. As a cross-language collaboration app for home care, it enables streamlined coordination across language barriers between foreign caregivers and family members of seniors in home care. 

sanu’s key features include a messenger, shared calendars, urgent issue reporting, emergency calls, and comprehensive senior profiles - all integrated with automatic language translation.


User-Friendly Design for All

Crafting an intuitive experience for a user base of non-digital-natives with varying tech literacy.

Effortless Language Translation

Meeting real-time translation needs for every feature with reliable services, considering domain-specific and context-sensitive language.

Effective User Role Management

Navigating the complexity of hierarchical user structures, accommodating family members, primary caregivers, secondary caregivers, and home care agencies.

Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

Adhering to strong regulations in the home care and healthcare industry to ensure legal compliance and data security.

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Balancing cost considerations, avoiding vendor dependence, and addressing customization challenges and integration complexities for chat, calendar, and translation features.

Our Approach

Every decision we made was grounded in extensive user and industry research: Emphasizing design simplicity for clarity, leveraging DeepL for translations, developing our admin panel for efficient user & role management, harmonizing desired functionalities with legal restrictions, and building 3rd party integrated features - all is rooted in insights gathered from our extensive product discovery work. 

Our Success

Our product kicked off multiple B2B2C pilot projects with three agencies in home care, laying the groundwork for further user research, product enhancements, and future strategic moves, including new funding opportunities.

Technologies we used

See sanu in action

Watch sanu's product video and check the product website.

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