Healthy Meal Companion for Busy Families

Product: Mobile App incl. Admin Panel Web App Industry: Food & Fitness Team size: 10 Started: August 2023 Country: Germany

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MealPrapp is an advanced meal planning app for busy moms and families. It transforms their approach to daily meals. Featuring our star component, the recipe model kit, the MealPrapp empowers users to effortlessly craft personalized recipes with their favorite ingredients, discover a variety of recipes, efficiently plan meals, generate shopping lists, and receive helpful reminders.


Strong UI Customization vs. Usability

Striking a delicate balance between achieving a uniquely aesthetic UI design while ensuring usability within the constraints of quality, time, and budget.

Feature Differentiation in a Crowded Market

Developing innovative features to set MealPrapp apart from the myriad of other food apps saturating the market.

No pilot phase

Launching directly into full production without a pilot phase, speedily managing production quality and user expectations on the fly.

Business Model and App Store Compliance

Tailoring the app to fit the client’s business model while ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations of app stores.

Our Approach

We started by diving deep into the world of nutrition to understand the users' struggles and needs. Our whole product work was anchored in prioritizing flexibility, delivering exceptional customer service, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to user value. With a dedicated team, rigorous manual QA from day one, and innovative problem-solving, we aimed to enrich our client's business model and strategy through this product.

Our Success

 We managed a seamless launch straight into production with over 300+ users, achieving top-quality within just five days after launch. We nailed our target group's visual and functional expectations, garnering top app reviews from our highly engaged user community that is actively contributing to new beta testing and user discovery. We laid the foundation for transitioning our client's service-based business model to product-based one, setting the stage for their future growth and innovation.

Technologies we used

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From our client: Behind the scenes

Watch our client's Instagram story and delve into their website to see how the MealPrapp is working in action.

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